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If your reading this, you’ve watched the film that fans of Venom were scared to watch and if you’re not a big fan of Venom and watched the film and was surprised how good the film actually was, the comedy was excellent! I thought it was going to make the mistake of what DC did, but no I was sitting in the cinema laughing at the character which got sold to Marvel for $220, the fun little fact for you.

Venom is an origin film about, you guessed it, the one and only Venom. Although you have to wait a long time to see Eddie Brock and Venom as one, it does give you a great insight into Eddie’s life and with Tom Hardy as the person behind the mask he really makes the character. It’s too hard to say if this film would have been this amazing if Tom Hardy wasn’t the main actor but all aspects of the start to make what happens when Eddie bonds with venom even better. When both Venom and Eddie are together the comedy rises, the action rises, and it’s because of how both characters are speaking to each other. There’s one part, where the police are after them, and one of the police says masks and the response from the other police is the copy after a smoke bomb went off and Eddie and Venom repeat what they say in teamwork, and Eddie changes into Venom, and it’s downright funny.

There are a lot of bad ratings for this film, my advice is to give the film ago and decide whether you like it or not for yourself because for me, as superhero origins films go, it is one of the best for me. All superhero films these days, most have more than one hero in them although I wouldn’t really call Venom a hero. More of an anti-hero but for a solo superhero film, I’m giving this the rating of…


You’ll have to watch the film to believe me and wait till the end credits it has my favourite actor in.

4 thoughts on “Venom

  1. Rebecca Lewis says:

    Great post! I watched Venom in cinema too 😊 I bet the people who sold Venom that cheaply, regret that now lol can’t wait til your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

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