Megatomic Battle Rabbit #2 – Hope is Invincible

Issue 2 of 4.

Described as perfect for fans of Stranger Things!

Like Issue 1, I loved reading Issue 2, this is a great comic series!

I was thrilled to hear that Issue 2 has been released and now I can’t wait for Issue 3!

Be prepared for spoilers if you haven’t read Issue 1! Head on over to my previous article to find out about Issue 1…

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Thank you again, so let’s begin.

Recap of Issue 1-

This comic is about Dexter Draper, an average 12-year-old boy with a dream of meeting an extraterrestrial being become a reality as he comes face-to-face with a six-foot rabbit who has crashed his spaceship nearby. With his spacecraft destroyed and on an unfamiliar planet ‘Megatomic Battle Rabbit’ (or Bob to his Mother) must find his way home.

Now back to Issue 2 – Without spoiling the comic for you.

The amazing artwork and unique storyline continue as Government Agents investigate the crash scene and find large rabbit footprints… We also find out more about Megatomic Battle Rabbit’s home planet Leporidae.


Written by Stu Perrins. Twitter @stuperrins

Artwork by Israel Huretas. Twitter @IsraelHuertas2

Edited by Dan Rushton.

A bargain to purchase at £1.50 for a digital copy and £3 for a physical copy!

Buy now from the Fair Spark Books online store;

Can also be brought from DriveThru;

Comichaus, Vault 29 and Orbital Comics in London.

Adult and Children T-Shirts are available! From £13.98

Coming Soon:

Issue 3 will be released near April 2019.


Thank you for reading!


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