What I hope will happen at the last Raw before Royal Rumble!

The royal rumble is WWE’s next big PPV, and if they are truly in a new era this has to be a good RAW to set up the match between Finn Bálor VS Brock Lesnar, the Beast vs please god make it be the demon, this is how they could pull off the new era!

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The final segment of RAW show before Royal Rumble

Finn starts by explaining to the crowd that he knows everyone wants him to bring the Demon out, but he doesn’t want to because he doesn’t know if he can come back, so instead, he says he’s going to beat the beast as Finn Bálor.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he comes in, but he stays at the entrance point, Paul Hayman does his usual speech. After which, Brock takes the mic and say ‘you’ll need more than Fin Balor to beat me.’ Finn starts to speak but then black out the big screen shows the Demon staring into the ring where Finn is.

The Demon goes off the big screen, and the light goes back to normal, Finn tells Brock Lesnar ‘I don’t need that thing to beat you, I have a plan B and its too sweet’ as he points a finger gun at him, suddenly Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows attacks Brock from behind and Finn runs to help them as they kick and punch Brock down. Standing over him, they do too sweet, and that ends Raw.

After RAW

Over smackdown and the NXT, there are random flickers of red during the shows. Hinting that something dark is brewing in the WWE universe…

As the Royal Rumble starts Finn is found unconscious by his new group; The Organization, made up of Luke, Karl and Finn. The match is later on. When the match starts, Brock walks in, and there’s no sign of Finn, but then the Demon music hits as he walks in with Luke and Karl ready for the match. It turns out the Demon took over Finn.


The Beast vs The Demon begins! 

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