4 different articles for one client

1: Harry Potter Wizards Unite Game Release

The new Harry Potter Wizards Unite game is a Pokémon like game out now! So, make sure you go to the app store after reading this and download it as soon as possible.

You’ll be able to dive headfirst into the world of J.K. Rowling. The game doesn’t just include content from the Harry Potter films it also contains content from the Fantastic Beasts’ films.

A disaster has hit the Wizarding world, causing all kind of different magical things appearing in the muggle world from creatures to artefacts. Your quest begins in the Ministry of Magic as a new recruit of the Secrecy Task Force, a task force put together to find out what has happened to the wizarding world.

As you explore the world, traces of magic will appear on the map on your phone. The traces of magic can be found all over the world, but in certain areas like parks, college campuses, monuments and more areas there will be significantly more magic around them. Your mission is to send back whatever you find that isn’t part of the muggle world and to keep whatever you find safe. As you return the magical things, you’ll gain rewards which are tracked in the registry.

On your mission, you’ll need to use different spells which consume your energy. So, make sure to stop by the Inns which are spread around the muggle world. You’ll be able to pick up food and drink to replenish your energy for spells. You’ll come across different ingredients which you can use to brew various potions that will help you on your journey ahead.

There also Portals spread around the world, where you’ll get a chance to experience a 360-degree advanced AR of different wizarding world locations like the iconic Ollivander’s Wand Shop making the possibilities endless! Where you could end up on your journey?

That’s not all you can do in the game! Through your journey, you’ll get chances to test your skills at combat by visiting the Fortress which host the Wizarding Challengers. The challengers are focused on multiplayer battles against terrifying foes within the wizarding world. Werewolves are hiding in the dead of night and the Death Eaters, the followers of he who shall not be named…

Gather your friends and take on these fearsome threats and with your friends, you’ll be able to take on higher levelled foes, and by defeating them, you’ll gather rare items.

There’s a lot of freedom to develop your skills, you can choose from different magical professions and depending on your decisions, you can benefit on your unique journey to your chosen profession. At the minute, there are three professions available Aurors, Magizoologists and Professors. The abilities you gain will help you in the Wizarding Challengers.

We will see you out there, good luck on your quest.


2: The Minecraft game coming to you!

Minecraft Earth is a new mobile game where you can create on the go on any flat service. Anywhere from the train to the library, you can create anywhere in the world! You can do this by using 3D holograms by looking at your phone. Whatever you choose to create, you’ll be able to share your masterpieces with the world.

You can meet up with friends and build your masterpieces together. You can even team up to go on adventures together. We don’t have much information on the adventures ahead, but with the stories Minecraft are creating for their other games, it must be something great.

That’s not all which is coming from Minecraft! They are also releasing a game called Minecraft Dungeons. It’s a 2020 release, but it looks like it will be worth the wait. Minecraft is going headfirst into the dungeon crawler genre, which I would have never thought that they would, and it actually looks terrific. If you’re a big Minecraft fan, you will know what Mojang is, but if not, it’s the developer behind the original Minecraft game. They’re coming back to do a Minecraft Dungeons game. The trailer for this game was released in E3, one of the most significant video game events in the world.

The game features co-op play, an excellent feature for playing with friends. It drops in and out up to four players and with that added feature, there will be difficult changes. What changes straight away depending on how many players are in a game at ones. No need to worry, though if you prefer to play alone as solo play is available.

There are no specific classes you pick for the game. Instead, your powers depend on what gear you have equipped. You can become a classic tank class by wearing heavy armour, an archer type by equipping bow type weapons. Minecraft without mining or crafting, yes you read that right, Mojang thought the crafting would be too slow for a game like this. That doesn’t mean the traditional crafting will be gone entirely from the game, you’ll be able to put some of your crating abilities into your weapons. We are not sure how that will work, but it does sound good.

The dungeon is your oyster.


3: Top five characters from Dragon Ball which should be stronger!

1: Gohan

Gohan was one of the strongest Saiyan’s at one point. He was the first to go Super Saiyan 2. Even the creator of Dragon Ball was planning on making Gohan the main character but in the end, decided against it and kept Goku the main character.  Near the end of Dragon Ball Z, after Gohan unlocked his full potential, he stopped training and decided to go to school and get a career to support his family. The lack of training made Gohan weaker, but in the latest Dragon Ball series; Dragon Ball Super, Gohan started training with his father Goku and with little training he was able to get hits in on Goku’s base form. This was because Gohan has become one of the smartest Saiyans and quickly creates new techniques. This technique was later used by Goku when fighting in the Universe Tournament. Gohan could soon become one of the strongest fighters on Dragon Ball, but due to his responsibilities, I doubt he ever would.

2: Piccolo

Piccolo’s full story would take way too long explain in one paragraph. So, I’ll keep it brief, he was one of the strongest beings on the earth, and he was a villain, but then he killed Goku unintentionally and then trained Gohan. Piccolo is a Namekian, and they can fusion with other Namekians and gain their powers, but this kills the other one. This would significantly increase Piccolo’s power levels but would most likely never happen because he is one of the only one of his races on the planet and he wouldn’t take power from other Namekians by force. The Dragon Ball Super series had the Z fighters go up against Namekian who did do this, and they had unmatchable power. This was great, but Piccolo should have a power boost of some sort so it’s not just Goku at the top, a new rival like Piccolo would be could even if it was only a one-off filler.

3: Krillin

Krillin is the strongest human in the universe, but out of the Z fighter, he is near the weakest. I generally think Krillin will never get stronger than he is because of he is so far behind the other fighter, but it is kind of the same reason why Gohan hasn’t improved because of his responsibilities to his family and his job as a policeman. The skills are there for Krillin are there, but I don’t think his human body could cope with a massive power increase.

4: Trunks/Goten

The youngest of the Saiyans, the sons of some of the strongest character in the series; Goku and Vegeta. They’re both stronger than Goku was when he was their age, so there is hope for these characters to grow up and become skilled warriors. Trunks does get a lot of attention because of future Trunk but seem he’s usually coming to ask for help I think It would be to see Trunks at the same level of his father, Vegeta. Goten is so underrated and hasn’t got many stories for the minute and maybe if they did a time jump and Goten could take on his dad as well, would be good to watch.

5: Hit

Hit is a new character to this series but quickly become a lot of fans favourite character. The reason I include Hit in the list because I think he is generally the only character in the list who is most likely to improve his power level he’s taken on some the strongest characters in the series. I want him to team up with the Z fighters. It would be a bit weird, but it would also be fresh, and it’s good to keep a long-running show like this fresh.

That’s the list if you want any of your favourite character to be stronger, please let us know in the comments.

4: How have you not watched Rick and Morty yet?

If that is true, where have you been?! You’ve been binge-watching the latest series of Game of Thrones, big mistake. If you’re still upset over the failed season, Rick and Morty is the best series for you to watch. Thinking about it, I can’t think of a bad episode, and there are three seasons out now and soon to be four in November.

The cartoon everyone has been talking about and waiting for. One episode can go to a Mad Max looking world. To another episode, in a world run my Guinea pigs living in humans’ butts! Yeah, it’s weird, but it’s incredible. If you’re a big VR fan as well, they’ve released a Rick and Morty game on PlayStation VR. They’ve also released a game called Trover Saves the Universe which is voiced by the same people who voiced Rick and Morty with the same out of this world humour.

If you are new to the series, you won’t know about what they did to their fans on April 1st a couple of years back. They released episode one of seasons 3 randomly on April 1st after two years of fans waiting, so it was amazing watching it, but everyone thought it was a prank till they found the episode, it was amazing!

The story follows, you guessed it Rick and Morty (4th wall break, this is going to be hard to explain) travelling to different dimensions, and every dimension has its own Rick and Morty travelling. There are probably thousands of theories about this already made, so get reading! I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I won’t explain who these people are; bird person, Jerry or The Devil. You’ll have to watch to find out! The series gets better with every episode, so if you haven’t watched where have you been? Trapped in a Schrodinger box?! If so, I’m sorry, but you still should watch it.

Find it at: https://www.officialgeekmerch.com/english/blog/harrypotterwizardsunite/


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