Where to get started reading comics in 2019

There’re new comic issues released every week from different characters, and there’s a different universal event every maybe half a year. You might be reading this now thinking that’s too much, but it’s easier than you might think.

Here is a short guide on how to start your journey through the comic universes.


The easiest way to do this, would be to follow your favourite character, for example, YOUR favourite character may be Batman or Carnage or Thanos. Maybe not the most likely of choices but they’re still good options.

Then after choosing your favourite character, you might want to start from the very beginning as in their first experience but that may be a very expensive comic issue. First issues can range from £30 to £1000 and even more for some characters.

Another option is to start with graphic novels which are usually a reasonable price at around £10 and that usually holds 6 issues. Although more prominent graphic novels will cost more but will hold more issues.

Both these options will help start your journey if you want to start from the very beginning.

You might not want to start from the beginning and just want to hit the issues where it’s up to, this is probably the easiest way to start reading. All you must do is pick a story and follow the current issues or the graphic novels by going to a website like Forbidden Planet where you can get an access subscription to your favourites and get them delivered to you every time one is realised. Or just pop down to your local comic book store whenever you can for the latest issue.


Where to start with DC.

The DC universe hasn’t long since been rebooted, making it one of the easiest to start reading because the reboot called Rebirth happened in 2016. Before Rebirth, there was the ‘The New 52’, but it isn’t known to be the best story arc of DC. If you still want to go read the story arc before the Rebirth era. I would start with Flashpoint then The New 52 followed by Rebirth, then the current issues. DC and Marvel both have big events happen. Two significant events in DC have just happened called Dark Knights Metal and No Justice both are amazing stories to start off with. Both come in graphic novel form and issue form. The issues after starts with Justice League to keep up with the aftermath of the two events. There are more spin-off issues like Dark Justice League and Teen Titans have just started after the event of No Justice. Now is a great time to start reading the DC comics!



Where to start with Marvel.

Marvel are currently in the middle of a big event called The War of the Realms and that is usually the best time to start because you get to read about a great story often, and you get to see how the event has affected the Marvel Comic Universe. There’s also a massive X-Men event coming. So, if you’re an X-Men fan, now would be the best time to start reading about them! The Marvel Universe hasn’t really had a full reboot but does start different stories with different characters regularly. There’s no missing out because you can always go back and read an older story but if there’s a story currently running that you want to read, you should read it! The sooner the better to keep up with it!


Where to start with the Indies.

Some first appearances in some indie issues are expansive, with a lot of indie comics like Walking Dead or Saga, there is a continually a story, so it would be best to start from the beginning. It would be expensive to do that with some issues. Say you wanted to read Walking Dead, some first appearances are worth £100 or more. It would be the easiest to buy the graphic novels up to the current issues then maybe carry on with the issues because the issues will be released before the graphic novels because the graphic novels need about six issues within the graphic novel to be released before they can publish the graphic novel. With the indies, I do think that they are probably the easiest to follow because usually, they will only follow one story. 


Good luck

There truly is no wrong time to start reading comic because there’s always reading checklists online for a story you might want to read. There are still new stories being written. So, if you’re not interested in a current running series you can always check back at a different time and you might find something you are interested in then. Comics are full of fantastic stories and universes, even if you are thinking no that’s not for me. Try it first, buy a graphic novel or an issue and give it ago. Comics are for everyone, all ages because everyone can appreciate a great story line with epically drawn illustrations.


Thank you for reading! Like the late great Stan Lee said Excelsior!


If you like my work please follow the link to my contact deatils where we can discuess further: https://unknowngames.co.uk/contact/

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